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1.  Learn Advanced Prescriber Course updates using updated evidence-based research covering all important clinical subjects.

2. Augment your understanding with videos, interactive images, flipcharts, clinical case scenarios, and illustrations.

3. Meet your continuing education hours with our excellent modules and multiple choice questions.

4. Identify knowledge gaps with our posttest activities.

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Social proof: reviews

5 star rating


Emily Clarke

Excellent review of the most pertinent cardiac material needed for primary care.

Excellent review of the most pertinent cardiac material needed for primary care.

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5 star rating


Brittney Benson

Very Good

Very Good

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5 star rating


Agnes Ayokosok


4 star rating

Thorough review of cardiac meds!

Crystal Larrimore

This is a great course for those of us who need a refresher in HTN therapies, hyperlipidemia therapies, diuretics, and antiplatelet/anticoagulant use. The mo...

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This is a great course for those of us who need a refresher in HTN therapies, hyperlipidemia therapies, diuretics, and antiplatelet/anticoagulant use. The modules present case studies which enable the participant to view a "patient" instead of just trying to read words on the screen. The participant then reviews the material through powerpoint and/or reading the transcription of the powerpoint and is given a chance to plan the appropriate treatment for the "patient". There are also review cards at the end of each module that you can choose to practice your knowledge. Although the navigation takes a bit to get used to, I found the course to be helpful overall and I feel much more comfortable with the medications after this review. As a newer NP, I am happy I've found and participated in this study.

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4 star rating


shewana spencer



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5 star rating

good description of content

Tamara Grissell

simple and to the point.

simple and to the point.

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Social proof: testimonials

Lab Interpretation Course!

Mariah M.

I found it very helpful as a new graduate to have straight forward and to the point information on labs.

X-ray Interpretation Course

Jessica H.

A good introduction to reading xrays.

Antifungals & Antivirals Agents!


it was helpful in understanding which ones are best for what types of fungal infections.

Safe Opioid Prescribing & Non-Analgesics!

Eric. N

Medications and indications were broken down nicely.

NP Prescriber:Respiratory Module!

Cindy V.S

The course is useful in dx and helping to identify the medications use to treat & The gold standard and form to use to assess COPD and Pneumonia

NP Prescriber: Gastrointestinal & Renal Course

Cindy V.S

Great review/lecture and post test. Very informative.

Lab Interpretation Course


The course expands your knowledge in lab interpretation

NP Prescriber: Updated Respiratory Course

Marie, M.


NP Prescriber: HEENT Course

Kim. P

All of it was super helpful & a must have.

NP Prescriber: Respiratory Course

Sarah. T

I would recommend because it is a good overview. I liked all the information presented.

Social proof: testimonials

Prescriber Essentials: Laboratory Course

Nikki. S

It is good to use especially after you start working to better understand what you see in current job setting

Prescriber Essentials: Psychotherapeutics

Christine. H

Good overview of psychiatric medications.

Prescriber Essentials: Antibiotics Course

Christine. H

Very good antibiotic review.

Prescriber Essentials: HEENT Course

Audrey. T

Knowing common s/s, clinical manifestations and common drug treatments. I like that you are able to watch in little segments.

Practice Essentials: X-ray Interpretation

Martina. M

The ABCDEFGH method to reading a chest x-ray was very helpful along with utilizing RIPE. I am able to look at the chest x-ray with a purpose that is organized and thought-out without looking at it as one whole chaotic scan. The x-ray interpretation course is an excellent resource to prepare you in reading x rays in detail to better diagnose your patient.

Lab Interpretation Course

Nikki. S

PDF cheat sheets refresher on what certain systems do in the body for example during endocrine lab interpretation briefly discussed what the endocrine organs were responsible for. It is good to use especially after you start working to better understand what you see in current job setting

ECG Interpretation Course

Nikki, S.

Describing how to interpret the EKG was awesome. Really helped understand where to look on the EKG and identify specific parts to identify potential cardiac abnormality

Our Ultimate NP Prescriber continuing education courses will satisfy your CE requirements. As a prescriber, you will improve your knowledge and gain confidence to practice safely.

The Advanced Pharmacology Virtual Learning Center is approved for 26- contact hour(s) of continuing education (complete all 13 courses and earn 26 hours of pharmacology, Earn 2 CE hours/module) by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Activity ID# 20044251. This activity was planned in accordance with AANP accreditation Standards and Policies.
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Course Goals

  • Why enroll in our course?

    Our NP Prescriber Learning Academy is a continuing education cutting-edge platform to disseminate pharmacology principles in a clear and concise manner. Purchase the pharmacological modules which are broken down into classifications presented by expert nurse prescribers, nurse educators and clinical pharmacists. You will review updates on Advanced Pharmacology drug classes and different classifications using case studies and flip cards to help achieve your learning objectives.


    During this program, you will: Review updates on pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics and latest evidence-based recommendations on pharmacological principles. Discuss medication classifications including indication, generic/brand names, adverse events and contraindications of use of various drugs.(RX). Integrate cases studies and review flash cards to enhance your learner experience to achieve individualized patient goals.


    Participants will leave this program satisfying their entire CE requirements while reviewing evidence-based pharmacological principles, and more importantly the many reasons why its use is important for nurse prescribers. Learn what is needed to prescribe medications and how to practice safely and competently to protect your patients’ lives and maintain your license. Purchase today!

Clinical Instructor(s)

Lead Clinical Instructor

Dr. Obi Oji

Dr. Oji APRN, DNP, FNP-BC earned her Masters Degree at University of Texas Health Science Center Houston and her doctorate from Duke University, North Carolina. She currently is a Family Nurse Practitioner and works in an outpatient clinic. She teaches Advanced Pharmacology in a nurse practitioner program and applies her extensive knowledge and educational background in the classroom to deliver pharmacological principles to ensure her students have complete mastery of concepts. Her passion is helping advanced practitioners and students build confidence in learning excellent prescriptive habits. She is a follower of Christ and her world view is based on biblical principles.

Clinical instructor

Julin Thomas Pharm. D

I am Julin Thomas Pharm. D and I am so excited to facilitate your learning in this course. I graduated with a Doctor in Pharmacy from Texas A&M College of Pharmacy. Afterwards, I completed a Pharmacy practice residency (PYG1) in General Medicine and PGY2 in Critical Care from Houston Methodist Hospital. Currently, I work as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in the ICU at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights. I love teaching pharmacological principles….. When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my 2 children.

Clinical Instructor

Francisco Ayala NP

Mr. Francisco Ayala, MSN, RN, FNP- C is a Family Nurse Practitioner from University of Texas Health Science Center Houston. He currently practices family medicine in an Urgent Care clinic in Houston, TX where he performs numerous hands on procedures. He has excellent knowledge in primary care skills and loves to teach pharmacological principles. His passion is teaching psychomotor skills in academia and improving student’s clinical knowledge base.