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  • Live Training Classes

    Live Training Classes: Join our Clinical Instructors each month for our livestream Lab, X-ray & ECG Interpretation course to review and practice clinical concepts. Our Next Class is on May 17 & 18, 2024. Friday ECG 8am-1pm CST, Lab 2pm-6pm CST. Saturday X-ray 8am-1pm. Sign Up Below.

  • Flexibility & Credibility

    Our expert Clinical Instructors teach evidence-based concepts to ensure each participant receives useful updated clinical concepts.

  • Earn CE Credits Hours Easily

    Learn at your on pace, using our high yield courses. Earn your CE hours, print out and save easily upon post activity completion.


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Trusted and Proven Results From Satisfied NP Customers

“The Urgent Care Course is fantastic. Make sure you watch the zoom recordings that say instructor led because they are fantastic and if you struggle with EKG like I do this will really help you. Also order a fake foot so you can practice along with the toenail removal. ”

Rebecca, M.

“Great refresher and resource for Urgent Care providers. The EKG and Suture section was the best.”

Carrie, P.

“The Urgent Care Course is a good review of all components; excellent instruction. Well worth it.”

MaryAnn, B

“I appreciate the explanation prior to the demonstration of procedures in the urgent care course. Take it! Very thoroughly reinforced my skills.”

Tamar, D

“The Urgent Care Course is very helpful for anyone starting out in urgent care or emergency department . ”

Lavonda, D

“Have some working knowledge about 12 leads before taking this course. The ECG Interpretation course is an excellent refresher course.”

Denise, W.

“Urgent Care Course was Very helpful. Great detail. Makes me feel comfortable transitioning into a new area.”

Kitzy, W.

“This is a great course for new Nurse Practitioners wanting to start in urgent care. It provides good instructions and safety measures to keep your patient safe. ”

Debra, M.

“I would say to others, especially novice practitioners like myself, that the urgent care course will give them confidence to start day one of practice running.”

Andrew. M

“The Urgent Care Module was designed in a way that a student can easily apply the basic concepts of interpreting X-ray images. I had zero knowledge in reading X-rays but this course has given me more confidence in performing my job as an NP.”

Marissa, P.

Meet Our "Must Have" Urgent Care Practice Ready CE Course. Learn All You Need To Succeed In Your Urgent Care Practice.

Enjoy Our Excellent CE Courses.

What You Will Learn:

1. Urgent Care Procedures (Anesthetic Techniques, Suturing, Splinting, Incision & Drainage, Digital Block, Toenail Removal & Subungual Hematoma Drainage).

2. Urgent Care Chest & Musculoskeletal Xray AND Electrocardiogram (ECG) Interpretation.

3. Urgent Care Common Diagnosis & Management Options.

4. Urgent Care Red Flags & Emergencies (Know When To Refer).

5. Role of The Advanced Practitioner in Urgent Care AND Documentation Cheat Sheets.


Hear What Our Students Are Saying...

"Everything in the Urgent Care Course has been helpful! I am so grateful to have taken the chance on your courses and it has truly increased my confidence as a new NP provider in the Urgent care setting".

Nickol, W.

Prescriber Essentials Course Packs

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Documentation Cheat Sheet

Download our Free Documentation Cheat Sheet

This is a sneak preview of our documentation template to enable the Advanced Practitioner document appropriately and efficiently. This mini course introduces the concept of the importance to include all the components necessary in your documentation. You will have the opportunity to download our free template to jumpstart your documentation in your clinical practice. Happy Viewing!

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Hear What Our Students Are Saying!

Student Reviews: Testimonials

Prescriber Essentials Continuing Education Courses

“The x-ray course is very informative and well worth the time and money.”

Donna, S.

“I appreciate the review, case study, and guided materials provided in the lab interpretation course. The Cheatsheets are amazing! This a must for entry into practice and beneficial for all in practice. Thank you. ”

Alfredo, F

“I would advise any new graduate to take the billing and coding course as an extra boost of confidence with understanding the processes related to billing and coding. ”

Carla. G.

“I would definitely recommend the urgent care course for new NPs because when I started my new job in urgent care I was not taught how to read x-rays or any procedure for that matter. So I think this course is a great benefit for us newbies. ”

Neica E.

“Each lesson included a written transcript for those who prefer to read when learning and a video for those who are audible learners. The charts in the videos were very helpful as well, summing up each medication information to a form that is easy to read. ”

Tanya, W.

“I found the UA cheat sheet as well as the STD, Woman's health and Autoimmune cheatsheet in the lab interpretation course helpful. Like how there were case studies to help reinforce the knowledge learned. Liked the thyroid section and liver, I finally understand these now. ”

Kevin, S

“I loved the course (safe opioid prescribing). It was do at your own pace. The presentation is for people with different learning styles.”



Amber. G

“All of the Urgent Care Course is a must have for NEW GRADS. -where to start when looking at EKG -Demonstration of sutures, blocks, nail removals, abscess -Where to start when looking at Xrays -Case studies are VERY helpful”

Cassondra, M.


NIckol, W

Trusted By Leading Companies.

We are so excited to Introduce My New Book (Advanced Practice Provider Skills Made Easy).

Advanced Practice provider Skills Made Easy: A Practice Guideline is an easy-to-follow procedural guide designed to prepare advanced practice providers to perform procedures & skills safely and competently within their scope of practice.
Watch Intro Video

Watch Our Introductory Video

Prescriber Essentials Academy was founded to empower and equip you, the advanced practice provider with clinical skills necessary to become confident in any practice setting. Our team of nurse educators, clinical pharmacists and nurse practitioners will facilitate your learning. Courses are accredited by AANP & ANCC for our target audience. ANCC CE Credits can be used for AANP recertfication.

Don't Wait Until Last Minute to Scramble For Continuing Education Hours...

  • Learn

    1. Learn Advanced Prescriber Course updates using updated evidence-based research covering all important clinical subjects.

  • Augment

    2. Augment your understanding with videos, interactive images, flipcharts, clinical case scenarios, and illustrations.

  • Meet

    3. Meet your continuing education hours with our excellent modules and multiple choice questions.

  • Identify

    4. Identify knowledge gaps with our posttest activities.

Student Testimonial

Hear From Your Colleagues...

5 star rating


Emily Clarke

Excellent review of the most pertinent cardiac material needed for primary care.

Excellent review of the most pertinent cardiac material needed for primary care.

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5 star rating


Brittney Benson

Very Good

Very Good

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5 star rating


Agnes Ayokosok


4 star rating

Thorough review of cardiac meds!

Crystal Larrimore

This is a great course for those of us who need a refresher in HTN therapies, hyperlipidemia therapies, diuretics, and antiplatelet/anticoagulant use. The modules present case studies which enable the participant to view a "patient" instead of jus...

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This is a great course for those of us who need a refresher in HTN therapies, hyperlipidemia therapies, diuretics, and antiplatelet/anticoagulant use. The modules present case studies which enable the participant to view a "patient" instead of just trying to read words on the screen. The participant then reviews the material through powerpoint and/or reading the transcription of the powerpoint and is given a chance to plan the appropriate treatment for the "patient". There are also review cards at the end of each module that you can choose to practice your knowledge. Although the navigation takes a bit to get used to, I found the course to be helpful overall and I feel much more comfortable with the medications after this review. As a newer NP, I am happy I've found and participated in this study.

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4 star rating


shewana spencer



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5 star rating

good description of content

Tamara Grissell

simple and to the point.

simple and to the point.

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5 star rating

ECG Review

Morgan Halbur

Good crash course

Good crash course

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5 star rating

Excellent course highly recommend

Rebecca Moore

5 star rating

Great course

Madonia Alymer-Akanieobi

5 star rating

Great Review

Michelle Bull

Great review of information.

Great review of information.

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5 star rating


Kara Krivanec

Good info

Good info

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More Student Testimonials

“I found it very helpful as a new graduate to have straight forward and to the point information on labs.”

Mariah M.

“A good introduction to reading xrays.”

Jessica H.

“I have a better understanding of the interpretation of labs. This increased knowledge will improve my patient care and expedite my delivery. ”

Tina, W.

“ Medications and indications were broken down nicely. ”

Eric. N

“ The course is useful in dx and helping to identify the medications use to treat & The gold standard and form to use to assess COPD and Pneumonia ”

Cindy V.S

“Great review/lecture and post test. Very informative.”

Cindy V.S

“The course expands your knowledge in lab interpretation”



Marie, M.

“I have enjoyed the Urgent Care course and feel it has been very helpful and informative, take this course!!! ”

Connie, B.

“I would recommend because it is a good overview. I liked all the information presented.”

Sarah. T

Our Ultimate Prescriber Essentials Continuing Education courses will satisfy your CE requirements. As a prescriber, you will improve your knowledge and gain confidence to practice safely.

Our Family Practice Ready Course is approved for 26- contact hour(s) of continuing education (complete all 14 courses and earn 26 hours of pharmacology, Earn CE hours/module) by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. This activity was planned in accordance with AANP accreditation Standards and Policies.

Student Reviews

“It is good to use especially after you start working to better understand what you see in current job setting”

Nikki. S

“Very informative and useful in developing radiological skills. I recommend this in conjunction with practice reviewing X-rays.”

Nicole, D

“Very helpful for EKG and xray interpretation. Step by step instructions on how to break down and review each dx test.”

Ashley. S

“Knowing common s/s, clinical manifestations and common drug treatments. I like that you are able to watch in little segments.”

Audrey. T

“The ABCDEFGH method to reading a chest x-ray was very helpful along with utilizing RIPE. I am able to look at the chest x-ray with a purpose that is organized and thought-out without looking at it as one whole chaotic scan. The x-ray interpretation course is an excellent resource to prepare you in reading x rays in detail to better diagnose your patient. ”

Martina. M

“PDF cheat sheets refresher on what certain systems do in the body for example during endocrine lab interpretation briefly discussed what the endocrine organs were responsible for. It is good to use especially after you start working to better understand what you see in current job setting”

Nikki. S

“Describing how to interpret the EKG was awesome. Really helped understand where to look on the EKG and identify specific parts to identify potential cardiac abnormality”

Nikki, S.

“I would recommend this to my fellow employees who struggle with interpreting xrays as well”

Nicole, M.

“Definitely take this course, this is probably the best EKG review course I've ever taken.”

Lauren, R

“I would recommend this to my fellow employees who struggle with interpreting xrays as well.”

Nicole, M.

A Message From Dr. Oji, Our Lead Clinical Instructor

Welcome To Our CME Platform!


Included is a list of frequently asked questions.

  • Why should I enroll in our courses? We stand by our word to transform your clinical practice and improve your knowledge with our online, self-paced courses. You will receive up to date evidence based education in the comfort of your home while earning valuable continuing education hours.

  • How can I earn AANP continuing education hours? Once you complete the course you are enrolled in, you will receive a CE certificate.

  • Why should I enroll in a monthly subscription? Our monthly subscription provides a 12-month access to our Prescriber Essentials Courses. Subscribers will receive access to enrolled courses at a discounted rate. Our monthly subscribers can complete each course and the entire courses in 12-months at your own pace to receive continuing education and pharmacology hours. Join our community of advanced prescribers, ask pharmacology questions and interact with your colleagues.

  • What options are available for course enrollment? You can either enroll and make 3 equal payments per month or a one-time payment of $599 for our Family Practice Ready Course. Enroll in our lab, X-ray & ECG interpretation course and pay 3 payments or a one-time payment of $499.

  • Can the CE/CME hours be used for license renewal? Yes, AANP CE hours could be used for ANCC certification renewal and physician assistant category 1 CME.

  • How many Advanced Pharmacology Continuing Education hours do I need to renew my license? Advanced Practice Prescribers requirements for Advanced Pharmacology continuing education hours is state-specific. Check your state board of nursing/medical board website for details on their requirements. Advanced Pharmacology Equivalency. Refer to equivalency table below to determine the number of Advanced pharmacotherapeutic hours that could be counted towards re-certification. 1 contact hour = 60 minutes, 1 contact hour = 0.1 CEU, 1 CEU = 10 contact hours, 1 academic semester credit = 15 contact hours, 1 academic quarter credit = 12.5 contact hours, 1 CME = 60 minutes or 1 contact hour.

  • Cancellation/Refund Policy: Refunds for online courses are only given under the following circumstance: Students/users who register for a continuing education course and did not access any portion of the online course AND the student/user requests a refund via a written request (email) within THREE business days from the date of registration-email notification sent. There will be no refunds for any online courses once a course has been accessed in any manner. A full refund will be issued less an administrative fee of $100. Refunds will NOT be offered ONCE any portion of the course has been accessed.

Watch Intro Video

Take The Tour! See Why Our Advanced Pharmacology CE Courses Are Your Best Resource?

Course Goals

  • Why enroll in our course?

    Our NP Prescriber Learning Academy is a continuing education cutting-edge platform to disseminate pharmacology principles in a clear and concise manner. Purchase the pharmacological modules which are broken down into classifications presented by expert nurse prescribers, nurse educators and clinical pharmacists. You will review updates on Advanced Pharmacology drug classes and different classifications using case studies and flip cards to help achieve your learning objectives.


    During this program, you will: Review updates on pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics and latest evidence-based recommendations on pharmacological principles. Discuss medication classifications including indication, generic/brand names, adverse events and contraindications of use of various drugs.(RX). Integrate cases studies and review flash cards to enhance your learner experience to achieve individualized patient goals.


    Participants will leave this program satisfying their entire CE requirements while reviewing evidence-based pharmacological principles, and more importantly the many reasons why its use is important for nurse prescribers. Learn what is needed to prescribe medications and how to practice safely and competently to protect your patients’ lives and maintain your license. Purchase today!

Clinical Instructor(s)

Dr. Obi Oji

Lead Clinical Instructor

Dr. Oji APRN, DNP, FNP-BC earned her Masters Degree at University of Texas Health Science Center Houston and her doctorate from Duke University, North Carolina. She currently is a Family Nurse Practitioner and works in an outpatient clinic. She teaches Advanced Pharmacology in a nurse practitioner program and applies her extensive knowledge and educational background in the classroom to deliver pharmacological principles to ensure her students have complete mastery of concepts. Her passion is helping advanced practitioners and students build confidence in learning excellent prescriptive habits. She is a follower of Christ and her world view is based on biblical principles.

Julin Thomas Pharm. D

Clinical instructor

I am Julin Thomas Pharm. D and I am so excited to facilitate your learning in this course. I graduated with a Doctor in Pharmacy from Texas A&M College of Pharmacy. Afterwards, I completed a Pharmacy practice residency (PYG1) in General Medicine and PGY2 in Critical Care from Houston Methodist Hospital. Currently, I work as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in the ICU at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights. I love teaching pharmacological principles….. When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my 2 children.

Francisco Ayala NP

Clinical Instructor

Mr. Francisco Ayala, MSN, RN, FNP- C is a Family Nurse Practitioner from University of Texas Health Science Center Houston. He currently practices family medicine in an Urgent Care clinic in Houston, TX where he performs numerous hands on procedures. He has excellent knowledge in primary care skills and loves to teach pharmacological principles. His passion is teaching psychomotor skills in academia and improving student’s clinical knowledge base.

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