Antibiotics Course Curriculum (Earn 2 CE & 2 Advanced Pharmacology Hours)

Our Ultimate Advanced Pharmacology courses with continuing education hours. As a prescriber, you will improve your knowledge and gain confidence to practice safely. The Advanced Pharmacology Virtual Learning Center is approved for 26-contact hour(s) of continuing education (including 26 hours of pharmacology- 2 hours per module) by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Activity ID# 20044251. This activity was planned in accordance with AANP accreditation Standards and Policies.

    1. Our Listen & Learn Antibiotics Presentation

    2. NP Prescriber Learning Academy: Penicillin Module

    3. Post Test Activity -Penicillin

    4. NP Prescriber Learning Academy: Cephalosporins Module

    5. CDC Updates on Gonorrhea & Mycoplasma genitalium

    6. Post Test Activity- Cephalosporin Module

    7. NP Prescriber Learning Academy: Macrolide Module

    8. Post test activity- Macrolide Module

    9. NP Prescriber Learning Academy: Tetracycline Module

    10. Post Test Activity - Tetracycline

    11. Advanced Pharmacology Virtual Learning Center: Trimethoprim Sulfamethoxazole

    12. Post Test Activity - Trimethoprim Sulfamethoxazole

    13. Advanced Pharmacology Virtual learning Center: Fluoroquinolone

    14. Post Test Activity - Fluoroquinolone

    15. NP Prescriber Learning Academy: Aminoglycoside Module

    16. Post Test Activity-Aminoglycosides

    17. NP Prescriber Learning Academy: Lincosamide, Oxazolidinone & Streptogramin Module

    18. Post Test Activity: Lincosamide, Oxazolidinone & Streptogramins Module

    19. Post Activity Evaluation

    20. Survey

About this course

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Dr. Obi Oji

Lead Clinical Instructor

Dr. Oji APRN, DNP, FNP-BC earned her Masters Degree at University of Texas Health Science Center Houston and her doctorate from Duke University, North Carolina. She currently is a Family Nurse Practitioner and works in an outpatient clinic. She teaches Advanced Pharmacology in a nurse practitioner program and applies her extensive knowledge and educational background in the classroom to deliver pharmacological principles to ensure her students have complete mastery of concepts. Her passion is helping advanced practitioners and students build confidence in learning excellent prescriptive habits. She is a follower of Christ and her world view is based on biblical principles.

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